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Volume : 4 Issue : 1 Year : 2024

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Planning of Nature Education in Mount Ararat and its Surrounding [GPT-Studios]
GPT-Studios. 2024; 4(1): 11-31 | DOI: 10.5505/gpts.2024.99609

Planning of Nature Education in Mount Ararat and its Surrounding

Adem Yulu
Idr University

Activities developed within the scope of nature education have a significant impact on the development of individuals' perceptions and awareness of nature. Nature education projects and the number of institutions supporting them have been increasing in many countries around the world, including trkiye. although the effect of nature education projects on the development of individuals' awareness of nature is widely known, various difficulties are encountered, especially in determining nature education areas suitable for the project contents and preparing activity implementation plans. The aim of this study is to contribute to the creation of a standard suitable for the content, planning, measurement, and evaluation of nature education projects by taking into account the TBTAK-supported nature tranng carried out on different dates on Mount Ar and its vicinity and the opinions of the participants, experts, and trainers involved in this project. n this study, in which the action research method was adopted as a qualitative research approach, an implementation plan of 7 (seven) activities was developed in 5 (five) main locations determined within the scope of the nature education project on Mount Ar (Ararat) and its immediate surroundings.

Keywords: TBTAK, Science and society projects, nature education, Mount Ar (Ararat)

Ar Da ve Yakn evresinde Doa Eitimi Projelerinin Planlanmas

Adem Yulu
Idr niversitesi

Doa eitimi kapsamnda gelitirilen etkinliklerin bireylerin doaya ynelik alglar ve farkndalnn geliimi zerinde nemli bir etkisi sz konusudur. Buna bal olarak da zellikle son yllarda Trkiyenin aralarnda yer ald dnyann birok lkesinde doa eitim projeleri ve bunlara destek veren kurumlarn says giderek artmaktadr. Doa eitim projelerinin bireylerin doaya ynelik farkndalklarnn geliiminde etkisi bilinmesine ramen zellikle proje ieriklerine uygun doa eitim alanlarnn belirlenmesi ve etkinlik uygulama planlarnn hazrlanmas konusunda ortaya kan eitli zorluklar nedeniyle doa eitim projelerine bavurular ou zaman snrl olabilmektedir. Bu alma, bu noktada Ar Da ve yakn evresi zelinde TBTAK 4004-Doa Eitimi ve Bilim Okullar Destekleme Programlarna bavuru yapmak isteyen kurumlarn ve aratrmaclarn yararlanabilmesi iin doa eitim alanlarnn belirlenmesi ve farkl tematik rnek etkinlik uygulama planlarnn hazrlanmasna odaklanmtr. Aratrmada nitel aratrma yntemlerinden eylem aratrmas yntemi benimsenmitir. alma sonunda, Ar Da ve yakn evresinde doa eitim alanlarna ve eitli proje ieriklerine uygun olarak belirlenen 5 (be) ana lokasyonda 7 (yedi) etkinlik uygulama plan gelitirilmitir.

Anahtar Kelimeler: TBTAK, Bilim ve Toplum projeleri, doa eitimi, Ar Da

Adem Yulu. Planning of Nature Education in Mount Ararat and its Surrounding. GPT-Studios. 2024; 4(1): 11-31

Corresponding Author: Adem Yulu, Trkiye
Manuscript Language: Turkish
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