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Geographies, Planning, Tourism StudioS / GPT-StudioS
Geographies, urban and rural areas, natural and artificial environments are changing at different speeds in different parts of the world, parallel with technological developments. But in any case, no day is the same as the previous one. Understanding this fascinating universe of living and non-living environment based on research, analysis and synthesis, and targeting detailed knowledge about their multidimensional, complex and dynamic structures, networks and processes are becoming more and more significant. In this fabulous journey, largely single-disciplinary studies of the 20th century are progressing into multi-disciplinary co-studies in the 21st century.

The three pillars of the GPT-StudioS journal are ‘Geographies, Planning and Tourism’. Studio studies have a special place in disciplines related to space and place and connect theory to practice. This journal aims to stand at the multi-disciplinary common area of these three disciplines in the frame of studio studies. Planning, management, and legal associations of tourism studies become visible on geographies where urban and rural settlements take place, develop and transform. In GPT-StudioS, although it is mainly intended to work with theory in catching future edges in this multi-disciplinary field, it is also planned to be fed from practice through collaborative work, as in the natural structure of studio work.

This journal's publication policy is to be timely, friendly, and gender-balanced. For timely, each issue will be online by the end of the associated month. Friendly means that we welcome all early-career and enthusiastic researchers to edit special and themed issues in addition to conventional issues of the journal. This journal respects the UN's 2030 Sustainability Goals that embraces ‘gender equality’ and ‘reducing inequalities’.

Geographies,Planning & Tourism is an international journal bianually publishes English papers in the relevant scopes.

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