ISSN: 2791-7460
Volume : 4 Issue : 1 Year : 2024

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Thinking tourism spaces together with post-modern geographies. [GPT-Studios]
GPT-Studios. 2024; 4(1): 67-86 | DOI: 10.5505/gpts.2024.18209

Thinking tourism spaces together with post-modern geographies.

Fatih Volkan Tr1, smail Kervankran2
1Sleyman Demirel University, Institute of Social Sciences, Isparta, Trkiye.
2Sleyman Demirel University, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Isparta

Post-modernism, along with its relational foundations, is increasingly permeating our lives and transforming our daily routines. Therefore, the spatial planes mirror these changes, and the geography discipline encompasses this situation within its research domain. From this point of view, this theoretical study has been prepared to try to understand the manifestations of post-modern geography and post-modern views on tourism spaces, which have been a critical paradigm in human geography since the 1980s. In this context, post-modern theory and post-modern geography literature within the boundaries of the study were analyzed through the relevant literature. The fractures of changing socio-economic conditions and many other parameters over time have brought about complex structures by materializing in spaces. We have attempted to comprehend the meaning of post-modern geographies and their formation within the framework of relationality. Additionally, we have attempted to communicate the perspectives formed within this framework through tourism spaces. The main goal of this study is to discuss the necessity of considering the restructuring and production of tourism spaces in conjunction with post-modern geographies.

Keywords: Tourism Geography, Post-modern Geographies, Tourism, Space.

Turizm mekanlarn post-modern corafyalarla birlikte dnmek.

Fatih Volkan Tr1, smail Kervankran2
1Sleyman Demirel niversitesi, Sosyal Bilimler Enstits, Isparta, Trkiye.
2Sleyman Demirel niversitesi, nsan ve Toplum Bilimleri Fakltesi, Isparta

Bu alma; beer corafyada 1980lerden beri sregelen bir eletirel paradigma olan post-modern corafya ve post-modern grnmlerin turizm mekanlar zerindeki tezahrlerini anlamaya almak amacyla hazrlanmtr. Bu kapsamda, ilgili literatr zerinden almann snrlar ierisinde kalan post-modern teori ve post-modern corafya literatr incelenmitir ve bu incelemeler sonucunda sosyo-ekonomik durumlarn ve dier birok parametrelerin zaman ierisinde geirdii krlmalar, mekanlar zerinde somutlaarak karmak yaplar beraberinde getirmitir. Bu balamda almada ele alnan baz post-modern grnmlerin ve post-modern corafyalarn neler olduunu, nasl bir ilikisellik erevesinde ekillendiklerini ve bu erevede ekillenen grnmleri turizm mekanlar zerinden aktarmaya allmtr. Bu almann temel motivasyonu, turizm mekanlarnn yeniden yaplanmasn ve retilmesini post-modern corafyalarla birlikte dnmenin gerekliliini tartmaktr.

Anahtar Kelimeler: Turizm Corafyas, Post-modern Corafyalar, Turizm, Mekn

Fatih Volkan Tr, smail Kervankran. Thinking tourism spaces together with post-modern geographies.. GPT-Studios. 2024; 4(1): 67-86

Corresponding Author: Fatih Volkan Tr, Trkiye
Manuscript Language: Turkish
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