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Women Entrepreneurship in Tourism Industry; General Outlook of Turkey [GPT-Studios]
GPT-Studios. 2023; 3(1): 70-75 | DOI: 10.5505/gpts.2023.07279

Women Entrepreneurship in Tourism Industry; General Outlook of Turkey

Ozlem Ozdemir
Regent's University London

Tourism continues to grow and has been perceived as a fertile sector for entrepreneurial initiatives. The importance of women in business life as an entrepreneur has become a significant phenomenon in recent decades. Over the past decade, although women entrepreneurs have gained more education and experience and the more women are entering male-dominated occupations, the integration of women into positions of authority within business organisations has achieved only limited success. Due to a predominance of small firms and relatively low entry barriers have led to tourism entrepreneurs being premised on its potential to empower women and providing opportunities specifically for women entrepreneurs (Figueroa-Domecq, Jong and Williams, 2020). According to United Nations (UN) Woman in Tourism report, the majority of the tourism workforce worldwide is female; 54 per cent of people employed in tourism are women compared to 39 per cent in the broader economy. A high proportion of women are employed in the tourism area. However, their function in the sector is dominated by unskilled, low-paid jobs. In this study, women entrepreneurs position in Turkey has been examined briefly in order to show their existence by considering their obstacles and challenges.

Keywords: Tourism, Women entrepreneurship, Turkey

Ozlem Ozdemir. Women Entrepreneurship in Tourism Industry; General Outlook of Turkey. GPT-Studios. 2023; 3(1): 70-75

Corresponding Author: Ozlem Ozdemir, United Kingdom
Manuscript Language: English
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